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Alt-Pop Twin Cities Metro Area MN (Arts Council Region 11)


THE BIG BAZOO BIO (redacted)

Born in the latter half of the 20th Century, “Big” - as his friends and his family called him - spent a large part of his first year clinging to a bugle for dear life. The instrument was left near the back door, and used to call in the dogs when they strayed too far into the fields of bracken behind the family home in Tefft, Indiana.

After teething on the mouthpiece of the crusty horn, the baby Big discovered that if he blew a raspberry hard enough, he could produce something resembling musical notes. Thus his musical journey began.

His early crawling travels across the rickety floors, weaving in and around the traffic of family members - 13 souls in all - as they came and went from jobs and school and various projects and adventures, brought him into contact with other music-making opportunities. At one point he was found behind the couch, pounding grampa Leo’s bridge against an empty chaw tin. Big’s discovery of metronomic rhythm was interrupted by grampa Leo’s need to masticate his roast beef dinner, on the special Wednesday night when he was able to forgo the usual mashed and macerated hashes and soups that accommodated his dental deficiencies. After this particular incident, Big was allowed to use one of the wooden tenderizing mallets from his mother’s extensive collection of kitchen implements.

As he began walking, he discovered that if he -

IN his late teens he started a small, experimental garage band, noted for their ability to play very quietly in the family station wagon as it was parked in the driveway. There was no garage, and so the group had to forgo the core tenet of garage bands - playing in a garage. Playing in a Ford Town & Country proved to be a barely adequate substitute. 

The instruments were all acoustic, and the microphone was plugged into a little amp that was itself plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, draining the car battery during particularly long rehearsals. This did not endear his parents to his pursuit of vocal excellence, a pursuit that was to give birth to his unique, full-throated style of “bellowing” which, while lacking a certain adherence to the melody nevertheless created a sufficient impact to allow the band to play two performances at two different coffee houses during the course of their brief but fruitful career.

After a short stint in vo-tech school, studying duct installation as part of a Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning comprehensive, he decided to pursue a career in music fulltime, by getting a job as a warehouse manager for a gag gift company in suburban Indiana - suburban Indiana being anywhere not Indianapolis.

His                   found to be                                        albeit                    and                       . After nearly                                        he decided it was the wrong size and diameter and used a large rubber mallet to                                                     was extracted and sold to                            , and exported to                                                                        a shipping crate with air holes drilled in it. 

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