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RZ Shahid

RZ Shahid


R&B Hip Hop East Central MN (Arts Council Region 7E) Northeast MN (Arts Council Region 3) Central MN (Arts Council Region 7W) West Central / Lakes Region MN (Arts Council Region 4) South Central MN (Arts Council Region 9) Southeast MN (Arts Council Region 10) Brainerd Lakes Area MN (Five Wings Arts Council Region 5) Twin Cities Metro Area MN (Arts Council Region 11) Wisconsin Iowa North Dakota South Dakota Outside of the Midwest North Central MN (Arts Council Region 2) Northwest MN (Arts Council Region 1) Southwest MN (Arts Council Regions 6&8)


Songwriter, producer, & Creative director RZ Shahid strikes a balance between flow, production,

and energy to give his community the full package of his creative expression. Through a history

of performing and making music professionally within the Twin Cities he has spent the time

carving a niche for himself in Minnesota, with a highlight being a performance on the frozen

Lake Harriet as part of Minneapolis’s Art Shanties Festival.

Shahid recognises the importance of artistic integrity, keeping the spirit behind his work the

same whilst experimenting. With lyrics like ‘too young to feel this old’, RZ Shahid tugs at the

emotions yet maintains an irresistible rhythm and groove.

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