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"Your mom's favorite group!"



Hip Hop Twin Cities Metro Area MN (Arts Council Region 11)


  Zaximus Giga PRiME and Jake PM are the hip hop antihero team "PRiME & PM" from the twin cities suburbs.  Emerging from their basement laboratory in 2016, the two best friends have become quite the spectacle due to their  unconventional, over the top performance  and surprisingly refreshing musical projects.  Don't let the all vinyl samples and drum breaks fool you.  PM uses an intuitive style of composition taking elements from funk, prog rock, electronic, and chip tune creating a new take on the classic genre.  PRiME, often referred to as a "real life cartoon character," applies abnormal storytelling mixed with an exaggerated perspective of the world the two experience through lyricism well balanced in humility and braggadociousness.  PRiME being a homosexual rapper and representative of the LGBT community has existed in a music scene contesting his right to be a hip hop artist from his very beginning.  Early on, the two realized their musical journey would not be as easy for them as it would be their peers.   This challenge would eventually shape the duos unwavering desire to competitively supply the genre of music with a level of diligence not often found in an technologically advancing artform.  The team strives hard to bring back the musicianship, live elements, and overall "wow factor" to a digressing genre that often gets a bad rap.  PRiME & PM come  armed with a multisyllabic, colloquial, tongue twisting, beatboxing, unbacked vocal performance from Zaximus Giga PRiME paired with Jake PM's tactical finger drumming, sample triggering, gameboy playing and live instrumentation. Together the two creatures from the basement have managed to exasperate the Twin Cities' underground for better or for worse, but never leaving their special little place as "Your Mom's Favorite Group!"

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